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Frenchtown Inn is a charming lakeside retreat in the Sierra Nevada foothills near the historic gold rush settlement of Frenchtown, in Yuba County California. The Inn offers five rooms, two with a private bath overlooking the lake. The facility has an expansive living room which opens out onto a large patio area with a 7-acre lake in the background. We also have the secluded Sweetheart Retreat Cottage overlooking a small vineyard and vista view of the countryside. Currently, we are only booking the whole house and not individual rooms.

We strive to provide a rural country experience for an urban population looking to get away from the city life. Located in rolling foothill terrain, there are walking trails along an irrigation canal, and throughout the property. You can enjoy the geese as they circle lazily around the lake preparing to land for the night’s roost.

A Lovely place in a quiet, scenic locale. Charles and company were excellent hosts. Highly recommend. Would stay here again. - Zack

“What a find! For anyone wanting a wonderful getaway, this is the place. Clean, quiet, relaxing and serene. You'll love the migrating waterfowl that visit the lake right behind the house. You could not ask for more.” - Alan

We spent a wonderful time over there. More than enough space for 10 people to stay. Place is very quiet and nice view outside. Very responsive and warm support. - Lisa

Great place to stay. We loved waking up in the morning and having coffee out back. We can't wait to come back again. - Matt